With each individual purchase we donate $1 on your behalf to organize clean ups.
With each individual purchase we donate $1 on your behalf to organize clean ups.
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Clean ups with Eco Serein

We are all humans and we are all willing to make things around us nicer and better. As much as you like your car being shiny and clean we love our planet to be healthy. If you go for a walk around your neighborhood or go outside of the city, you will find a lot of empty plastic bags, old packs of cigarettes and hidden landfills.

We saw it multiple times too and decided to take action. We didn't come up with a brand new idea. We just went to a beach, asked our friends to help and took a few bags with us.

When you see the difference that you made in 3 – 4 hours you start to realize that you did something right. And it felt so amazing!
We believe that people can do better! Help us to spread the awareness by joining our clean ups in the future.
A week later we organized the second clean up on the same spot. Because 4 hours is not enough to clean the area which has been littered on for years.
Our first clean up was on September 20th at Coney Island Creek Park, Brooklyn. We collected: 7 bags containing 120 pounds of trash. This is what was in those bags:
405 cigarette, butts 319 bottle, caps 255 pieces of plastic. 128 food wrapper, 62 plastic straws, 58 plastic bottles. 44 plastic bags, 32 fishing nets, 28 tampons, 17 pieces of glass, 12 syringes, 2 ropes, 2 cigarette packs.
In total we collected 4 bags, 80 pounds of trash. These bags contained:
We couldn't stop thinking "Why would anyone leave any kind of trash on the beach? They'll come back there in the future. " A lot of pieces we found were left there by fishermen. Those who go to the same place every other day. Some of the trash got there from the boats and ferries. The big picture is sad, just look at the numbers above.
289 bottle caps 220 cigarette butts 213 pieces of plastic 103 plastic straws 58 food wrapper 31 pieces of glass 31 plastic bags 25 plastic bottles 17 tampons 13 syringes 12 dead horseshoe crabs 11 ropes 11 cigarette packs
We don't stop cleaning our planet even during quarantine. Every time we take a walk on a beach we take a bag with us and collect plastic which was left there by humans.
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We've collected more than 1365 pounds of trash from the beaches and parks since September 2019. With your contribution we can easily double or triple this number!
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