With each individual purchase we donate $1 on your behalf to organize clean ups.
With each individual purchase we donate $1 on your behalf to organize clean ups.
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Bamboo toothbrush
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Bamboo Toothbrush & Bamboo Travel Case
SKU: 700.954.29
Simple switch - Huge impact

Bamboo toothbrush is a simple switch towards plastic free planet! 3.5 billion toothbrushes are sold each year worldwide which end up in landfills polluting our air, land and waters. Using bamboo toothbrush you reduce your carbon footprint making the Earth a better place. ⠀

✔️ 100% Bamboo organic handle gives your brushing a pleasant natural touch.
✔️ 100% Bamboo travel case is made of sustainable and renewable natural material that is easy to degrade.
✔️ Naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Bamboo has naturally antimicrobial properties that kill bacteria.
✔️ Soft high quality bristles.
✔️ Bamboo toothbrush lasts up to 6 month. Dry the handle after use and put back into the case.
✔️ Plastic free packaging.

❤️ With each individual purchase we donate $1 to organize local clean ups.
Why switching to bamboo?
Bamboo is a highly renewable resource. It is technically a grass and it's one of the strongest and fast growing plants on earth. That's why the bamboo toothbrush along with the bamboo travel case can be either composted, reused or degraded.
Earth - friendly material
✓ Biodegrades in commercial compost conditions in a few months or a couple of years.

Unlike plastic toothbrushes that take over 400 years to decompose.
Naturally antibacterial
Bamboo has naturally antimicrobial properties that kill bacteria. It has an inherit natural barrier against bacteria. That is one of the reasons why it grows so rapidly.
Plastic toothbrush has more than 100 million bacteria on it.
Plastic - free packaging
This toothbrush and travel case are designed to reduce plastic waste. That's why they are sent in a kraft box.
Humanity is producing over 300 million tons of plastic every year.
Oxana B
Travel agent
I'm a very environment oriented person and trying to reuse, recycle and save our lovely planet in any possible way. I purchased toothbrush from Eco Serein and so happy with that. It is a bamboo toothbrush, very well put together. The price and quality is great. I know maybe it is a smallest step just to buy a toothbrush but every little thing counts. And it is a step towards saving our planet from plastic abundance.
Bamboo toothbrush and bamboo travel case from Eco Serein are my first eco - friendly products. I get a good feeling when using them, like I'm doing the right thing for the planet. And I'm amazed with the quality! The toothbrush and the case feel so natural and pure. Highly recommended!
Sanja and Diana, founders of Eco Serein
Everybody says: "Do your part". But what does that mean? We found our way to make our planet a better place.

We have collected more than 1410 pounds of trash from local beaches. And then decided to fight plastic pollution with you guys! We launched our first eco-friendly products: bamboo toothbrush and bamboo travel case.

Join us on our journey. Let's clean this planet up together ❤️
Let's fight plastic pollution together!