About Eco Serein

Our team
We are Sanja and Diana co-founders of Eco Serein. We've been traveling around the world and have realized that our planet is dying. According to all the facts due to plastic pollution, deforestation and global warming there is no future for us and our children. Marine creatures are suffering because of plastic straws, bottles and single use bags. We saw that the beaches are full of plastic in different countries and that was the moment when we decided to be a part of a change. We found Eco Serein because we believe that there are ways to help our planet by changing our way of thinking.
Our goal is to decrease the use of plastic and to show people that we can limit the amount of it on a regular basis. It's very important to us to gain the eco-community where we could support the environment and share the eco-lifestyle.
We all are used to having plastic in our routine and it makes things easier. We know that it's frustrating changing your lifestyle. But once you make the right choice you never look back. There are many people who care about the planet. And we invite you in our community to be a part of a healthy future.

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